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Love john Cameron Mitchell!!! Only Hedwig I’ll ever have to see :)

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YES!!!! Can’t wait for the 2nd season



Floating On Cloud Nine. The cast of Orange Is the New Black at the New York City Gay Pride Parade.

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Imagine seeing this IRL.

Game of Thrones Season Finale Recap


So let’s recap:

Jojen- Dead.

Two of three Dragons - Locked up.

Shae - Dead.

Tywin- Dead.

Hound - Probably Dead.

Mountain- Maybe dead, depending on what that guy’s mad science does.

Tyrion- Exiled.

Arya- Now joining up with a group of assassins, assuming I’m remembering the deal…

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I just spent a good 15 minutes researching trees with pale bark and red leaves all year round, and the closest thing I found was the Japanese maple (I JUST REALLY WANT MY OWN GODSWOOD OK)

and the best part is you can get them in bonsai form, so you can grow your own little weirwood to keep in your room

if you actually think I would carve a face into the trunk and make tiny children of the forest you would be 100% correct

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this speaks to me on a spiritual level.


this speaks to me on a spiritual level.

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Nose, vagina, butthole. If God didn’t want us to put our fingers in there, then why did she make them perfectly finger-sized?

Ilana on Broad City (via lana-del-fucking-bitch)

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